What Are Magnet Balls?

Magnetic balls are one of the latest and most popular forms of entertainment. It may come as a surprise to some that there is something fun about magnetic balls, but you will be pleasantly surprised. Magnetic balls are not just for children anymore. They are becoming quite popular with grown ups and even adults. If you are interested in playing with magnetic balls, you will need a small box of cardboard and some magnets. The magnets can be made from any kind of magnet, including magnetic tape, a magnet bar or a magnetic nail bar.

magnet balls

First, you should lay down your ball in the box. Then place some or all of the magnetic beads onto the ball. Next, you should wrap the cardboard around the balls in a circle. You will want to have about two inches of space around the balls so that the magnet balls do not fall out of the circular box. You will want to wrap a magnet onto the top of the box. Then, you will add to the center of the box the small magnet bar that you cut from a magnet nail. After you have done this, you should attach the magnetic beads onto the magnetic nail bar.

As you play with your magnetic balls, you will notice that it seems like the balls are moving inside the circular box. This is because the balls are creating a magnetic field that surrounds them. When you put the ball into the magnetic field, the balls will start to roll around the magnets on the outer edges of the circular box. Each time you roll the ball around the magnetic beads, the magnet balls will come closer to each other, creating a magnetic field around the ball. As the magnetic field becomes stronger, the ball will continue to roll around, creating a bigger magnetic field.